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The Water Cycle

lyrics copyright Jim Nelson (2011)

to the tune of "Oh Susannah"

There is some stuff we need for life, without it we would die

We drink it down, and when we frown it makes the tears we cry

Oh my, Water, you mean so much to me

You’re in the sky, you’re in the ground, you make the deep blue sea

When H2O gets heated, the molecules will quake

Once they get the energy they make a good fast-break

Evaporation, it happens all the time

Water turns to vapor then floats up into the sky

Just like an ice-cold cola on a sunny summer day

When the can gets wet outside, the droplets drip away

Condensation, when air begins to cool

Forms tiny water droplets which make clouds, the sky to rule

The clouds can get too heavy with the droplets that they hold

Whenever that is happening, the droplets get real bold

Precipitation, clouds sometimes have to go

When they dump their contents it will rain, or hail, or snow

Once precipitation finally reaches to the ground

And all the snow is melted and the rain is finally down

Runoff and groundwater, downhill begins to stream

Carried down by gravity from mountains to the sea

And so you see we find ourselves right where it all began

Saltwater in the oceans...fresh streams 'n lakes on land

Evaporation, it’s happening again

The Water Cycle never ends, on that you can depend