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Original lyrics penned 1993, © 2004 by Jim Nelson

Tune: "Do, Re, Mi "

Doe, a dear, a female deer

A mammal giving young live birth

Ray, a carti-la-gin-ous

fish related to the shark

Me, a growing human being

Fur, it grows on most mammals

So, what if my pet's a snake

I seem to like rep-tie-aye-aye-uls


Frogs, they are amphibians

which grow through metamorphosis

Birds, my favorite avians

lay eggs in different kinds of nests

Platypus, a montreme

a mammal really laying eggs

Knee, the system skeletal

Which brings us TO back-boe-owe-owe-owns

An-imals that have backbones

Are those we call the vertebrates

All with endoskeletons

And reproducing with their mates

Some are ectother-er-mic

There body heat comes from outside

Fish, amphibians, and snakes

Are "cold-blooded" inside-i-i-ide

Birds and all the ma-am-mals

Gen-erate their body heat

That's why there's fur or feathers

From their noses to their feet

This is endothermia

It takes a lot of energy

It comes from eating lots of food

That's why I'm so hungreeeeeeeee!!!