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Original lyrics penned 1993, © 2004 by James West Nelson

To the tune: " Hallelujah Chorus "

Cahn-stellations! Cahn-stellations!

Cahn-stellations! Cahn-stellations! Con-stell-lay-ay-ay-shuns

Out in the nigh-ite sky, the stars form shapes

Constellations, Constellations, Constellations, Constellations

Far on the Earth below, the human race

We've named them, Constellations, Constellations, Constellations


Ancient Greeks and Romans too, told myths uh-bout

Constellations, Constellations, Constellations, Constellations

Used the stars to navigate and plant their crops

Like a compass, or a clock or, a great big calendar-er

Cir-cum-polar! Cahn-stellations!

Circumpolar, Constellations, Con-stell-lay-ay-ay-shuns.


Five major stellar groups rotate uh-bout

Po-lar-is, the North Star, the Suh-less'-chee-ul Pole

Big and Lit-tle Di-ih-pers are also called

Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, The Big Bear, The Small Bear

Cas-seo-pee-ee-ah, a double you

Circumpolar constellations, Circumpolar constellations

Keee-ee-ing Cepheus, and Draco too

Circumpolar constellations, Circumpolar constellations

Zoe-dee-a-ack! Cahn-stellations!

Zoedee-a-ck Constellations, Con-stell-lay-ay-ay-shun

Marching through the southern sky where planets roam

Are twe-elve constellations, Zoe-dee-a'-ack constellations

Slowly as the Earth revolves around the sun

With the seasons, will be changing, Zoe-dee-a-ac constellation


Saa-aa-juh-tare'-ee-us and Capricorn

Cancer, and Leo, and Virgo, an Aries

Geh-eh-eh-emmen-eye', Aquarius

Score-pee'-us, and Taurus, and Libra, and Pisces


Cahn-stellations! Cahn-stellations!

Constellations, Constellations, Con-stell-lay-ay-ay-shuns